Announcing lineup and release of EP

Finally it is time for us to officially announce our lineup. The members of Shear have played in many familiar metal bands such as Amoral, Omnium Gatherum, Imperanon, Elenium and Crystal Blaze, which won the Finnish Wacken Metal Battle in 2007.

The lineup of Shear is:

Alexa Leroux – vocals
Mikael Grönroos – guitars
Lauri Koskenniemi – guitars
Eerik Purdon – bass
Lari Sorvo – keyboards
Juhana Karlsson – drums

Our first release is entitled ‘In Solitude’. The four track EP was recorded in fall of 2009 and mastered at Chartmakers studios. The title track ‘In Solitude’ and a sample collection of all four songs are listenable on our myspace page.