Shear in 2011

The year of 2010 is leaning to an end and it’s time to take a look back. We’ve had a great year. We released our debut EP ‘In Solitude’ and got loads of positive feedback. We’ve been playing a bunch of gigs and enjoyed every single one of them. It has been a blast!

So what will the year 2011 bring us? We’re glad to announce that we will start recording our debut album in March of 2011. In the last couple of months we’ve been writing a lot of new songs, and we’re really pleased with the outcome. The songs are really diverse, ranging from very melodic songs to heavier riff-oriented songs. We’re still in the process of laying down the finishing touches to the songs and about to start arranging the songs.

We will keep you updated through the whole album making process by posting news and videos. Expect more frequent updates when we hit the studio.

Last but not least the whole band would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Have a good one!