Shear’s music on GOMTV

Are you interested in video games such as Starcraft 2? Whether you are already familiar with the game, or completely new to it, now is your chance to enjoy some high quality gaming entertainment accompanied by Shear’s music.

GOMTV is a South-Korean broadcasting company which streams competitive Starcraft 2 matches around the world. Shear’s song “Crowned by Fools” has been chosen as the lead track for this season’s Starcraft 2 tournament. If you want to check the games out, head over to the GOMTV website, register to the website and download the GOM video player. Registering and watching the games is completely free for everybody.

Furthermore, Lari and Mikael had the chance to visit the GOMTV studio in Seoul and meet the people making the show. GOMTV made an interview with us which will be aired at a later date. Keep visiting our site for further updates!